Addiction Medicine

Dr. Garcia has over 25 years of professional experience in the treatment of substance use disorders, and has served as the medical director for a number of state certified alcohol and drug treatment programs for the past 20 years. From offering health services through Multnomah’s drug court to teaching students how to work with patients suffering from substance use disorders, he brings skill and compassion to the difficult work of learning recovery. He has come to view substance use disorders as a response to trauma and works to address safety concerns early on in the process of making change.

Understanding the role of mental health in substance use disorders makes for easier transitions into sobriety when the challenges of sustaining recovery past the detox stage can often be overwhelming. His experience with thousands of patients who have suffered from drug and alcohol issues gives him insight into best practices for supporting your individual pathway to sobriety.

Medications can be very helpful in learning how to cope with many of the stressors related to sobriety. In addition to prescribing psychotropic medications, he can prescribe medications to support recovery such as Naltrexone or Vivitrol for alcohol or opioid use disorders.

Dr. Garcia offers:

* Consults for substance use disorders
* Vivitrol injection services
* Treatment of co-occurring mental illness
* Referral sources for treatment options
* Acupuncture services

Questions? Email: [email protected]

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