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Learning is a lifelong journey
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Dr. Garcia’s passion for learning and understanding mental health remains as strong today as it was several decades ago when he witnessed an initial manic episode a family member was suffering. His professional journey since of more than 30 years of practice has shown him the value and benefit for patients of getting to know their person and for having competency in how psychotropic and natural medications are best utilized by medication prescribers.

Together with his decade long experience as a professor at the National University of Natural Medicine he has developed continuing education for professionals related to mental health and best practice.

Particularly for his fellow naturopathic physicians he wants to offer his skill and experience in psychopharmacology to support their understanding and practice in treating mental health issues with their own patients.

After learning details about the multi-year NIH study completed in 2001 of Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s Wort) for major depression, he has been studying Cannabis and its potential role in mental health. Following multiple presentations over the last 7 years to the Oregon State Psychiatric hospital staff for their continuing education, he is now presenting this updated information coming in 2021 for practitioners and fellow mental health colleagues to help advise their patients on the risks and benefits of using Cannabis.

On demand continuing education coming in 2021!