Medication Management

I prescribe psychotropic medications when indicated for mental health and will work with you to be certain you understand their purpose, including risks and benefits, before you start. I’m ready to discuss and recommend a variety of options in addition to or instead of psychotropic medications to help inform and support your recovery, mental and emotional needs or preferences.

It’s much easier to add psychotropic medications than to remove or deprescribe them. At times medications may be no longer necessary or better options are available. I can help prioritize and safely manage the steps to safely taper or withdraw medications. After more than 30 years of practice, I’ve come to appreciate the value of choice. I will work with you to inform and educate on comparing treatment options and can help you understand why you may have been prescribed various medications in the past.

Offering treatment for:

* Substance use disorders
* Anxiety and worry
* Bipolar disorder
* Depression
* Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
* Deprescribing medications

Medication management can be a bridge to improving mood stability and help support making better choices.

Questions? Email me here: [email protected]