Natural Medicine Consultant LLC provides peer-reviewed, professional information for practitioners and educators interested in complementary and alternative information. For professionals, this can be integral to keeping their practices safe, current and relevant. For educators, this information can be a guide for best practices in teaching natural medicine.

For Professionals

As a faculty member of the National College of Natural Medicine for over a decade, Dr. Garcia had his hand on the pulse of what’s happening in Natural Medicine. He also knows how hard it is to find good Continuing Educational materials that are approved by licensing boards and other professional associations.

With NMC, you’ll find a growing wealth of CE articles and materials that have been approved, giving you the confidence you’re moving forward with the best information possible. It’s a way to keep your practice moving ahead – and for Dr. Garcia to continue serving as an advocate for Natural Medicine. NMC is approved by the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine as a Professional Development Provider.

For Educators

After ten years of teaching at the National College of Natural Medicine, Dr. Garcia developed a deep understanding of how to support and work with other practitioners. While serving as Chair of the Mind Body Medicine program at NCNM, he became an expert in training medical students in communication skills. His focus was on patient-centered communication along with methods for developing empathy and trust within the doctor-patient relationship.

As a member of the American Academy on Communication in Healthcare, Dr. Garcia appreciates the rigor and transparency needed for students to gain confidence in their communication skills. Through NMC, Dr. Garcia hopes to be a positive catalyst for educational improvement by providing these types of educational materials. The goal is to help strengthen the therapeutic relationship between health practitioners and patients.

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Top Ten Challenges Facing Naturopathic Medical Education by Greg Garcia, ND, LAc

Naturopathic medicine in the United States reached a clear milestone when the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) turned 50 years old in 2006. As the first formal educational institution to achieve the half-century mark in our profession, it seems reasonable to examine current trends within naturopathic education overall. Read more. (PDF)

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